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Our History


how we began

EPA began in 1991 under the name Woodinville Psychological Services with the two original psychologists, Drs Tona McGuire and Molly Reid. Subsequently, we have added many new clinicians and expanded to three locations. All of our clinicians practice independently but share space and case consultation.



Eastside Psychological Associates has been involved in Seattle’s eastside communities since 1991 beginning in Woodinville and expanding to Issaquah and Snoqualmie Ridge areas. Eastside Psychological Associates is strongly committed to the health of Seattle’s eastside as well as to the national, and international communities that directly and indirectly support the wellness in all of our lives. Healthy people benefit from healthy communities to grow and thrive.

Eastside in committed to:

  1. Supporting our local communities by offering preventative group services, collaborating with school districts, and volunteering time in local organizations such as community boards, new parent support groups, and teen mentoring programs.

  2. Providing talks to local groups and hosting trainings and community events in our group rooms in Bothell and Snoqualmie Ridge.

  3. Partnering with hospitals and medical groups to help integrate behavioral medicine with primary care as well participating in regional disaster preparedness and response teams both locally and internationally.

  4. Collaboration with educational institutions focused on professional board certification, teaching, and training as well as donating time to the supervision and training of new psychologists and mental health care providers.


charitable giving

During the holiday season each year Eastside Psychological Associates identifies and collects money for donation to a local charity. Our aim is to identify a local organization that is dedicated to helping promote prevention and wellness in the community.


community partnership

EPA is engaged in partnering with others in the community. These partnerships include: Seattle Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Eastside Health Alliance, Eastside Health Network, Allegro Pediatrics, Woodinville Pediatrics,The American Board of Professional Psychology, The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, Northwest Healthcare Response Network, Washington State Psychological Association, and Public and Private Schools.