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Hypnotherapy for Weight Release group - TrimLife ®

This group will focus on identifying the unconscious needs that drive your emotional eating habits. You will learn how to meet those needs directly and no longer use food to manage your emotions. You will learn how to eliminate cravings and acquire many tools for managing emotional eating triggers. You will naturally increase your motivation for healthy foods, water and exercise without the use of force or willpower.

Required time commitment:

  • 6 weeks of 2 hour group sessions

  • 30 min of daily self hypnosis

  • 30 min of daily reading and/or journaling


  • Group meets in Bothell

  • Please email for the next start date.

  • Limited to 4 participants, so please register early.

  • If interested please email Dr. Anna Weinrank for more information at therapy@annaweinrank.com